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AdMob offers unrivalled tools to help cross-promote your other apps using AdMob house ads. House ads are free, eliminating the need to create your own custom solution or incorporate an additional tool.

  • Overview

    Cross-promote your other apps

    Drive downloads by cross-promoting your other apps free of charge with AdMob house ads. Use text or display ads to tailor your message, and maintain full control over when and where the ads appear in your app. With impression goal campaigns you can promote your friends’ apps or fulfil a direct advertising deal. Available for Android and iOS apps

    Experiment and track to maximise ROI

    Experiment using different combinations of user targeting. Use conversion tracking in AdMob to attribute revenue back to your campaigns and determine which ones earn you the most.

    Promote your app with Google

    Use AdWords Universal App Campaigns to promote your apps across Search, Play, YouTube, Gmail and the Google Display Network and get £75 advertising credit when you spend £25.

AdMob is the no. 1 platform to grow your app business

  • Over 1 million apps use AdMob
  • $1 billion+ paid to developers
  • Fast, reliable payment in local currencies
  • High CPMs and the best fill rates
  • Industry-leading mediation platform

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