Cardboard goes to Sundance

Take part in a virtual film festival with Google Cardboard. Explore the universe or witness a giant monster attack with official Sundance Selections on your phone.

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Evolution of Verse

Chris Milk, working with visual effects studio Digital Domain and virtual reality production company, has created this photo-realistic CGI-rendered 3-D virtual reality film that takes the viewer on a journey from beginning to new beginning.

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Kaiju Fury

A dark energy experiment leads to a devastating attack by monstrous Kaiju, and you are standing at ground zero — all in 360-degree, stereoscopic 3-D cinematic virtual reality. You will "be there" as the beasts lay waste to a crumbling city and humanity makes its last stand.

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New Frontier at Sundance

New Frontier champions films that expand, experiment with, and explode traditional storytelling. Recognizing the crossroads of film, art, and media technology as a hotbed for cinematic innovation, New Frontier is also a venue showcasing innovative media installations and panel discussions that explore the expansion of cinema culture. Visit New Frontier at Sundance in the top two floors of the historic Claim Jumper. Admission is free.

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More VR Experiences

Cardboard’s apps take you to new virtual worlds. You can play immersive games, visit new worlds, or even watch art take shape in front of you.

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Fold your own or buy a pre-made kit from a manufacturer. And if you're at Sundance, just visit New Frontier to pick one up.

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